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Total deal value: in excess of $50,000,000

Working through a myriad of financial, operational and international issues, NBI led the successful sale of an innovative online gaming company to a company headquartered in London and listed on the UK’s Alternative Investment Market.

We began by taking several “deep dives” with the seller to understand the goals. We prepared a short summary of the key pros and cons of the business with significant feedback from the client, allowing NBI to obtain a richer understanding of the business and to provide more meaningful leadership. Because establishing leadership and clear channels of communication as soon as possible was essential given the vast differences in company cultures, we worked quickly with the members of the seller’s and the buyer’s senior management to create a deal team. We spent many hours on-site leading the team through the process of the sale (nothing replaces hands-on guidance). We scheduled and conducted daily calls or email updates, working off of a deal task list and timeline.

Constant and open communication, rigorous coordination and planning of pre-close activities were the foundation of this successful purchase and sale. As a result, change of control was seamless.

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