Merger and Acquisition Advisors

Leading the sale or purchase of your next business

Letter of Intent

Rigorous negotiation and clear, detailed letters of intent (LOI) (non-binding term sheets describing the key elements of a transaction).

Seller Representation

You want to obtain full value and minimize contingencies tied to the payment of the purchase price. From the beginning of negotiations, we mitigate risks with contingent consideration, earn outs, holdbacks from the purchase price and provisions triggering post-closing adjustments.

Buyer Representation

The LOI sets forth the payment of the purchase, the structure of the deal (e.g., mix of cash, stock, seller financing, and earn out), employment matters, and closing contingencies.
We draft a detailed and meaningful LOI, frequently using contingencies tied to the purchase price, such as verification of revenue and working capital minimums/adjustments.

What Our Clients Say

  • Your leadership and expertise throughout our sales process was instrumental to our successful divestiture. You worked tirelessly and efficiently with us, the buyers, the buyer's financial advisors and attorneys, and our senior management to solve a myriad of issues, ultimately justifying the purchase price based on an 8x EBITDA multiple.

    Owner, Online Games Company
  • In the sale of our company, you provided a broad spectrum of services, including screening potential buyers, negotiations, due diligence, and legal expertise. This allowed us to focus on our existing business during the transaction process without the need to communicate with multiple service providers.

    Owner/Chairman, Medical Company
  • While your advocacy and negotiating skills through the diligence process were invaluable what I found most enjoyable working with you was your sincerity and integrity.

    Serial Internet Entrepreneur